Roen Est Shell and Tubes

Roen Est koudetechniek oplossingen

High-tech and innovative heat recovery

A complete line of solutions for industrial heat recovery, refrigeration, and air conditioning.

Extremely wide range of standard configurations accessible via dedicated REshell
calculation software: over 2,500 geometries for refrigeration and 10,000 for heat recovery.

Great flexibility in the customization of ad hoc projects and solutions.

Extensive range of materials for both production (stainless steel and carbon steel)
and surface treatments.

An ever-growing range for heat and cold

Heat recovery

Heat Recovery Exchangers (H.R.E.)

  1. Exhaust gas — water
  2. Biogas — water
  3. Compressed air — water
  4. Biogas — biogas
  5. Exhaust gas — air

Standard liquid-to-liquid heat recovery

  1. Water — water
  2. Water — oil
  3. Fluid — fluid (special fluids on request)

Steam heat recovery

  1. Steam condensers

Industrial refrigeration and cooling

  1. Direct expansion evaporators
  2. Condensers
  3. Desuperheaters
  4. Liquid receivers
  5. Flooded evaporators
  6. Economizers
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