About TempTechs

TempTechs supplies complete installations and parts in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and AirConditioning) area to the commercial and industrial market. From our property in Oostvoorne, Zuid-Holland, we help installers and installation companies to solve their airconditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration problems. We deliver the equipment to its destination (this can also be the construction site) as quickly as possible.

We like to think along about the heating or cooling question at hand in order to consider the available options together. This is because TempTechs does not believe in standard answers, but in finding the best solution. This also applies to maintenance of airconditioning, cooling or freezing installations; (spare) parts are also available.

Do you have a question about heating or refrigeration? Stay cool, contact us and get to know how TempTechs can help you. Call Theo on +31 (0) 181 727 027 or send an email to info@temptechs.nl.

Theo Mampaey van TempTechs HVAC specialist
Theo Mampaey