Roen Est Unit Coolers

Roen Est koudetechniek oplossingen
  • Brine Units
  • High-tech refrigeration
  • Casing entirely made of aluminum (external and internal).

Various surface treatments to ensure durability:

  1. epoxy coating
  2. cataphoresis treatment
  3. Blygold treatment
  4. Heresite treatment
  5. E-coating (ElectroFin)

Manufacturing materials: copper, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel in various combinations.

Wide range of fan motors from the best international manufacturers:

  1. conventional AC motors (ErP Ready)
  2. EC (high efficiency electronically commutated motors)
  3. ATEX (special explosion-proof motors)

Highly recyclable, non-toxic manufacturing materials as per RoHS directive.

Units with reheat.

Units with centrifugal motors, ideal for food processing rooms.

Various defrosting options:

  1. hot gas defrost
  2. electrical defrost
  3. water and compound defrost
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